Legal Research Techniques-Robin Schard

Legal Research Techniques

Law 151AS
Spring 2018
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Robin Schard
Office D-138
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Class Schedule

Jan. 16

Introduction to Course
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What Research Skills Do Lawyers Need?
Required Reading: AALL Legal Research Competencies
Please read the excerpt from the article entitled Which Practice-Ready Courses Should You Take? from the Student Lawyer on the TWEN page, Additional Readings section
Powerpoint: Introduction to the Course
Law Library Web Page
Law Library Research Databases

Abraham Lincoln
Jan. 18

Online Searching Techniques
Powerpoint: Efficient Searching

Jan. 23

Basics of Using Bloomberg Law

Jan. 25 Evaluating Authority and Information
Evaluating Authority (Listen to recording and complete exercise before class on January 25th) (Bring exercise to class on Jan. 25th)
Required Reading: From Hate Speech to Fake News (See Editor's Note for caution) and Computer Scientists Demonstrate the Potential for Faking Video
Due: Evaluating Authority (Due in-class on 1/25)
Jan. 30

Secondary Sources, Basics Part 1
Refresher Recordings:
The Process of Legal Research (06:32)
How and When to Use Print Sources (08:56)
Secondary Sources Part I (15:00)
Recommended Reading: Nutshell Chapters 2 and Sections 3-6, 7-5, and 7-6

Feb. 1, 6

Secondary Sources, Basics Part 2
Refresher Recording:
Secondary Sources Part II (10:47)

Feb. 8, 13

Constitutions and Statutes
Recommended Reading: Nutshell Chapter 4
Exercise: Sign-up for statutes research practicum (Sign-up sheet will be available on TWEN after class on 2/13)
Due: Topic Selection for Research Guide (2/8)

Feb. 15, 20

Competitive Intelligence
Required Reading: Ann Lee Gibson, How to Create and Use Competitive Intelligence: 45 Tips for Law Firms, Law Practice, Mar. 2008 at 47.

Feb. 22, 27

Case Law Research
Recommended Reading: Nutshell Chapter 3
Citation of Unpublished Opinions
Refresher Recording: Case Law Research (14:53)
Due: Briefing Book (2/27 by 11:59pm)

Mar. 1, 6

Administrative Law
Recommended Reading: Nutshell Chapter 6
Handout: Exercise on Administrative Law

WPA Poster
Mar. 8

Research Strategy
Recommended Reading: Nutshell Chapter 1
Due: Overview & Encyclopedia Section for Research Guide (3/8)

Mar. 12-16 Spring Break
Mar. 20, 22

Legislative History
Recommended Reading: Nutshell Chapter 5
Handout: Exercise on Legislative History

Mar. 20, 22

Practice-Ready Resources
Due: Administrative Law Exercise (3/20)

Mar. 27,29

Verdicts, Settlements, Court Rules & Citators
Recommended Reading: Nutshell Chapter 7
Due: Legislative History Exercise (3/29)

April 3

Florida and Other State-Specific Legal Research

April 5

Foreign & International Research

April 10

Review of Advanced Search Techniques

April 12

New Research Tools and Law Office Technology
Last day for research guide drafts (optional) (4/13)

April 17, 19 Government Documents, Statistics and FOIA

Apr. 24 No Class
Apr. 25 Final Research Guide due by 11:59pm.
Please put it in the Assignment Drop Box on TWEN, e-mail it to me, or turn it in to me directly.
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