Law School Course Selection Advice - Unofficial

Students often ask me what courses I recommend they take.  Here's a list, in no particular order, subject to two caveats.

First Caveat: Who teaches it is usually more important that what it is.  Make sure to take courses from a variety of people and teaching styles.  Keep an eye out for courses taught by visiting big name faculty (and repeat big name visitors such as William Twining...).  Also, make sure to have variety in each semester.  I advise you to include at least one "fun" course in each semester to keep your sanity.

Second Caveat: The list that follows is only intended as a set of basic default choices, not as a list of the most interesting courses in law school.  There are lots of fun and interesting seminars and advanced courses, and you should take some.  I'd say that everyone who graduates from law school should take the courses on the basic list unless they have a good reason not to (such as a schedule conflict) as they provide a good foundation for advanced courses, for practice, and introduce you to a wide variety of legal styles and materials.

Froomkin's basic courses (in no particular order)

Four more bar review or practice oriented courses that  students often say are useful

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Last modified: March 31, 2004