The Assault on Anonymity and its Consequences


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Table of Contents

The Assault on Anonymity and its Consequences

Plan of Talk

Communication “Anonymity” Defined

Tracing the ‘Untraceable’

Types of Communications Monitoring

Not All Comms Data Is Equal

Why Bother

State Security Concerns

State Crime Concerns

Private Concerns

Modalities of the Assault on Anonymity

Infrastructure Targets

Financial Targets

Examples of Financial Constraints at Work

National Law/Regulation

Sample Anti-Anonymous National Legislation/Regs

Sample Transnational Financial Initiatives

Consequences of Anonymity Piercing Technologies

Holes Breed Holes

Intellectual Property Consequences

Removes a Defense Against Profiling

Case Study: E$ as “Speech”

The Half-Measure Fallacy

Difficult Issues


Thank You

Author: Michael Froomkin


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